Virgo – New Moon in Gemini for the Week of May 30th

It woulddo me well to heed this advice:

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Jobs come and go, but careers are forever. My main career, my #1 job, my ultimate gig is to be as true to myself as I can be no matter the uniform I put on. Sometimes I might feel like I have to hold back certain aspects of my self but, because I am a channel for creative genius, I am open to seeing how I can bring more of myself to everything that I do in the world.

I’ll take the chance.

This new moon is my invitation to start something in my career. Something challenging. Something dreamy. Something that I’ll have to grow into. This new moon is an invitation to take my inner needs seriously. It is an invitation to make my family life and living situation a priority, but it’s also an invitation to take the creative ideas I have about my work in the world as seriously as I can.

I don’t have to help folks feel more comfortable by keeping my passion or my point of view under wraps. I give myself permission to speak. I give myself permission to fight for what is just, fair and owed me or anyone else.

Source: Chani Nicholas – New Moon in Gemini: Horoscopes for the Week of May 30th


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