Ondi Timoner Didn’t Want to Make Documentaries Anymore. Then Came ‘Jungletown’

Super interested in this story.

“What I hope people learn is what I learned from it, which is that there’s a real generation of young people — millennials — who are facing climate disaster and aren’t content with just sitting there,” she said.

But a lot of what viewers will see in “Jungletown” is a breakdown of those romantic ideals. The interns realize that things aren’t as they were advertised. They don’t grow all of their own food, for instance, and it’s unclear exactly where all the money goes. Stice himself doesn’t live in the town but instead travels around getting people to invest money in it. He plays video games — such as “Civilization” and “The Sims” — and buys food from grocery stores. He drives a pickup truck in and out of the town while most have to hike the three miles from the next major area.

Timoner exposes these contrasting ideals, but doesn’t linger on them too long. She acknowledged to TheWrap that she wants to believe in Stice’s mission. She said that most of what we see that can be considered hypocritical is unavoidable, since the town lacks some basic infrastructure.

“There are so many layers and I love that,” Timoner said. “I’m always drawn to stories where there’s a lot of gray area and we get to grapple with how things are versus how we think they should be.”

Source: Ondi Timoner Didn’t Want to Make Documentaries Anymore. Then Came ‘Jungletown’


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