Judgement day on the nation-state – Mike Meyer – Medium

With these changes in mind it appears that the sovereign nation state that evolved to support contractual trade and development in the ages of scarcity is no longer appropriate for the age of sustainability and resource abundance that we are entering. This despite efforts to salvage the nation state economically based primarily on administrative diversity for economic growth. Politically our focus must be the planet as a unit but administratively it is more appropriate to protect diversity and respond to needs within urban regions. Our evolving social media citizenship is also as important if not more important as direct democratic communities that do not need another antiquated, representative layer. This is even more important as public services expand to avoid the uncontrollable corruption of propaganda both public and private. These services should be owned and managed at the smallest practical public administration unit but linked through public controlled regional and planetary alliances. This, incidentally, would seem to address the some aspects of the effort to maintain nation-states as the best economic environment. The issue is one of administration and regulatory consistency.

While we need to do much careful reevaluation I think the nation-state has ceased to have value that would justify its survival. With survival and sustainability as our primary operating goals and the collapse of the limited representational governmental systems tied to nation-states , there is no reason to retain this level of administration. We need more immediate public management more closely tied directly to our residents in a particular region but also more closely focused on a shared commitment to planetary maintenance. Our economic needs are transitional away from mindless growth and directly to shared allocation of resources for the good of all member communities physically located or virtually defined.

Source: Judgement day on the nation-state – Mike Meyer – Medium


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