Viktor Schauberger: “You are moving in the wrong direction”

Everything came out of the water. Water is therefore the universal resource of every culture or the foundation of every physical and mental development. The unveiling of the water secret is the end of any kind of speculation or calculation with its excesses, which include war, hatred, envy, intolerance, and dwarfism in every form and manner. The complete exploration of water therefore literally means the end of monopolies, the end of domination, and the beginning of socialism through the development of individualism in its perfected form. In the course of the cold oxidation process, machine forces will be as good as free and therefore worthy of praise. Food, raw materials, fuels will be abundant …These quality seeds – negative ion concentrations of geosphere origin – are the actual building and buoyancy atoms. They can be produced by machine in any amount and quality from bacteriophage limit stocks (sediments and suspended matter) in the air and in the water with the help of the cycloidal curve movement (spiral) almost free of charge in a similar manner, as it standing motionless in the torrential spring water Trout with the help of its gill and body shape makes, if it only fresh spring water of geosphärischer tension through the gills.

Source: Viktor Schauberger: “You are moving in the wrong direction”, “Cars are landscape heating systems”, implosion instead of explosion «h0rusfalke


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