Income Sharing Saves Lives

Being poor,” Scalzi wrote, “is relying on people who don’t give a damn about you.”But there are groups of Americans who are turning that indifference on its head. Within the larger intentional communities movement are a growing number of egalitarian, income-sharing communities, whose members combine their wealth and income to create spaces where people make economic decisions cooperatively, rely on one another and a democratic policymaking process for security, and cease to consider finances—or their financial challenges—the responsibility of lone individuals. The financial families they create range from a half-dozen to nearly a hundred people, in locations from urban Baltimore, Portland and Washington D.C. to rural Missouri and Virginia.

Source: Capitalism Killing You? Income Sharing Could Save Our Lives


Elektrobiblioteka (electronic library)

“I was interested in the phenomenon of a book perceived as a kind of interface, which has influenced the way we deal with information. I also wanted to shift the experience typical for print design to the field of digital media. One of the major inspirations was the manifesto ‘The topography of typography’ published in 1923 by a graphic designer El Lissitzky, who has expected a book to be replaced with something he called “electrolibrary”. It seems that his predictions came true.

The final result of the project is the paper book that can be connected to the computer via USB cable. It is able to physically detect which page is currently open and send that information to the Electrolibrary website. By turning pages or touching given illustrations you can navigate through the website and get additional information such as hyperlinks, quotations, movies etc. Of course you can also unplug the cable and read it like a normal book.

Source: Elektrobiblioteka

Farm Tools for Women, by Women

Adams and Brensinger (Green Heron Tools) see what they do, in part, as a form of social justice. “Lots of women farmers want to farm alone,” Adams says. “They’re not married, they don’t have a support system right there. It was very obvious that women were at a disadvantage [when it came to tools].

”Liz Wagner runs Crooked Row Farm in New Tripoli with her mother, Donna Wagner. Donna bought a HERShovel before they even broke ground on their 3.5-acre farm after meeting Adams and Brensinger. Until then, Liz said, she had no idea any woman-specific farming tools existed—or that they’d be useful.“Before, a shovel was a shovel, with a handle that was usually too tall for me to use with any real dexterity and a blade that often cut into the soles of my shoes over time as I dug,” says Liz.

She adds: “I’ve met people who feel like using a different tool expresses weakness, and I think when I first moved into this field, I felt similarly. It’s an ego thing, [but] not realistic when you look at the science and see the differences in our body structure.”

“The HERShovel has completely changed the way I use this type of tool,” says Danielle Marvit, a former organic grower and herdswoman, who is currently the production manager for Garden Dreams Urban Farm & Nursery in Pittsburgh. “It has been great for my body, and it is the most efficient shovel I have ever used.”

Source: Farm Tools for Women, by Women – Food Justice | Civil Eats

Plants with Teeth

For the first time, researchers have found calcium phosphate in the structure of plants – in this case, used to harden the needle-like hairs used to defend against predators.

“The mineral composition of the stinging hairs is very similar to that of human or animal teeth,” says Weigend, who has been studying rock nettles for more than two decades. “This is essentially a composite material, structurally similar to reinforced concrete”, adds Weigend. While the structure of the trichomes are made of the fibrous typical of plant cell walls, they are densely encrusted with tiny crystals of calcium phosphate, making the stinging hairs unusually rigid.

The researchers are not clear as to why these plants have evolved such a unique type of biomineralization; most plants use silica or calcium carbonate as structural biominerals, so why not the rock nettles? “A common reason for any given solutions in evolution is that an organism possesses or lacks a particular metabolic pathway,” says Weigend. But since rock nettles are able metabolize silica, why the calcium phosphate?

“At present we can only speculate about the adaptive reasons for this. But it seems that rock nettles pay back in kind,” muses Weigend, “a tooth for a tooth.”

Source: ‘Biting’ plants discovered with teeth like ours! : TreeHugger

The Resistance Will Be Mapped

Mapmaking as resistance: The political art of cartography
By Michael Lithgow, February 12, 2008

Maps are about order – ordering things and ideas into patterns that help us make sense of the worlds we live in. They are tools for helping us organize material reality, and they are tools for helping us organize the imagination. After all, Columbus’ crude maps with their irregular lumps of landmass scratched on pieces of parchment did as much for moving his ships about as they did in organizing imaginations around ideas of colonization.

Atlas of Radical Cartography (ARC): the ability of mapmaking to organize relationships of power, and our ability to challenge who has traditionally had access to these necessarily political cartographic resources.

How to Open an Online Book Store with WordPress

I haven’t outgrown my dream of being a book publisher. Books are a refuge for shy children the world over.


WordPress - Papirus - Ultimate WordPress Book Store | ThemeForest

Papirus is a modern & professional multi purpose WooCommerce theme powered by Visual Composer, that makes Papirus is extremely customizable. The sleek design is perfect for online retailer, company or portfolio website (One Page template already included).

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