My name is Honey Mae. I’m a graphic designer, social entrepreneur, and permaculturist.

The Honey Lab is my personal blog. Here is where I incubate my ideas. All opinions are my own. Nothing here is set in stone.

I believe that if knowledge is power, then access to knowledge must be free. And in order for an equitable society to be possible, access to basic tools and educational resources should also be free. What we do with these free resources to improve our economic opportunities is up to us. I’d like to focus on open source, open access, self-empowerment, and regenerative system .

Nature does not charge for the wisdom and abundance it provides. Yet any enterprising person can take what nature gives and can multiply those gifts for her own gain, or to share with others. The only thing we need to do to participate is to observe, comprehend, and copy nature and we will be able to sustain ourselves without destroying our ecosystem.